How to remove loca glue from earpiece

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Found way to remove LOCA glue when replacing front glass.

Most new phone models now use optical adhesive to attach the LCDs, digitizers and glass lens, meaning when anyone breaks all three need to be replaced. Replacing the glass only is almost impossible without professional help. However it can be done with the right tools. Below we will show one process to perform this task yourself. Molybdenum String which can stand high temperatures without expanding and losing strength is used to safely carve away the adhesive between the glass and the digitizer without leaving any scratch marks.

A new piece of optical clear adhesive is used to secure the new glass back on. The hot plate is used to heat-up the adhesive. If you don't have a hot plate, you might be able to use a hair dryer, but be very careful not to overheat the assembly and damage the LCD.

The roller tool can help attach the adhesive leaving minimal air pockets. An autoclave is also used to ensure a perfect finish with no air left between the glass and digitizer. The amount of time it takes to heat will depend on your heater and the damage to your screen. You will have to feel it out in the next step. Step 2 — Separate the broken glass from the digitizer using the Molybdenum string.

Attach one end of the molybdenum string to something secure. The other end you can hold or attach to another secure object. Wearing gloves as the assembly will be hot, wedge the string between the broken glass and digitizer while gently moving the assembly in a sawing motion. If there is too much resistance it may need to be heated longer. Keep doing this until you have removed all the glass.

It is necessary to remove any adhesive still stuck on the screen. We recommend using some sort of electronic cleaning solution in order not to damage the electronic components. Peel one side of the adhesive and stick it on the digitizer in the center. Next, use a rolling tool to make sure it is on tight.Warp Charge 30 Wireless — All power, no wires. Products Accessories. Cupcake Apr 28, I tried to apply the OnePlus One Tempered Glass Screen Protector, but I touched the edge of the glass and that corner did not attach to the screen anymore.

So I lifted the whole glass and decided not to use it at all, but a horrible glue of the glass is left on behind attached to the screen and does not go away. Thanks for help HB. Jelly Bean Apr 28, TyronekramseyApr 28, : You tried wiping it down with a damp cloth or something never happened to me. Honeycomb Apr 28, JElderApr 28, : Rubbing alcohol, but don't get any on the plastic or sandstone.

Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 28, Cmod likes this. Lollipop Apr 28, IndestApr 28, :. JElder likes this. JElderApr 28, :. Indest likes this. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?If the tempered glass breaks how difficult is it to remove loca and the glass from the phone Is there any video showing the process?

Thanks bro Which one did you use and What do you recommend Tp or ? These videos show their own branded adhesive and its niether nor Is weaker in comparison to or stronger.? Usually when they talk about and what they are meaning is the viscosity of the glue. With water being at 1 being the thinnest it goes up. Check out glue Cps values for a better understanding. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

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Loca Glue and some random screen protector off amazon

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Thanks Meter : Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. I will update the OP with suggestions from below, lets get this nailed down.! Neo3D has started posting some links for suitable TGSP's To protect the earpiece I would use putty of some kind maybe some bluetack or similar. How much glue?

how to remove loca glue from earpiece

Senior Member. Join Date: Joined: Jun The amount you need changes with viscosity and your patience. If you want to test how much you need go to cvs and buy a bottle of pure glycerin. It has about a viscosity and you can mess around with testing your glass and such without wasting loca. You can clean it off your phone and the glass.

I suggest electrical tape on the sides and covering the ear piece. I used a syringe to measure loca, but that will introduce bubbles if you aren't very careful.

With higher viscosity you can't just put it in a pool then drop the glass, it will never reach all the edges, unless you use more glue, then it becomes a mess running out them and sides. Watch the videos of loca glue use, most people use a double y pattern for the glue, seems to work well.It is also called UV Glue. It also prevents loss of light from the display and hence increases the life of Mobile Phone Battery.

Separating the glass from the LCD should be done very carefully to avoid any unwanted damage. Special care must be undertaken if the glass is cracked. Never try to take off the glass without the right tools and equipment.

It can damage the LCD which can be very costly to replace. The glue must be heated to loosen the bond. Technicians with some practice can easily do it. However, in most authorized service centers and professional service centers, they use LCD separator machine. In both cases, a temperature of Degree C is OK. LOCA glue is available in the form of liquid. It is not as thick as other adhesives.

Make sure not to apply too much or too little glue and see that there is no air bubble. The adhesive will gradually spread across the screen and to the edges on its own without you having to apply any pressure. If there is any bubble, apply gentle pressure on the LCD and guide the bubble to the edge. LOCA Glue do not cure or dry on its own. You have to dry it using UV light. Always Use a branded UV light that is about 30 to 40 Watts. You can also use a UV nail dryer. But do not use Flashlight UV lights.

Curing or Drying time of the Glue is generally 1 to 2 minutes. If you still have any question on how to use LOCA glue then do not hesitate to ask question via comment. Keep visiting for daily dose of Tips and Tutorials. Here is How to Fix. Sir, Mi4 display headphone symbol always. I would like to seek for your help regarding with my cellphone Samsung A5. The LCD Screen had been damaged so i need to get those important or major tools used to repair my own lcd screen.

How to clean your smartphones earpiece

It can be very Expensive. Please add me to your WhatsApp group. Plz help me. Hi, i am in this field for 7yrs and I need site like this add me on whatsapp or telegram my no for whatsapp and telegram also same no. I have an android mobile having android jelly bean installed in it.

But from the past week it is giving me a problem, first it started saying unfortunately, com. Itried to press volume and power keys simultaneously but nothing happened. What could be the problem?? Really wanna say thanks for the exposing the secret to us. I will be glad to be under your lecture. When camera button clicks it take one picture but flash flashing continuously at interval of 4 seconds until camera off.

Also Button on screen for front camera disappeared after display repair.I had a screen protector for a cell phone on my camera screen, and it had chipped up in one corner and was driving me crazy, so I decided to pull it off and use a new screen protector for my new phone.

When I pulled it off, it revealed a terrible residue left on the screen. I want to know the best way to remove it without damaging my screen. I hesitantly used some rubbing alcohol to no avail. You will see a few lines going across the screen, that is where i scratched it with my nails.

I always use some oil olive or something else, ask a woman nearby if she has any special ones for their makeup to rub glue of. Works wonders on pretty much anything. Just use a cotton wool or cloth to rub it. The glue won't stick to the glass anymore and end up in the cotton. I tried it recently with the foil on my Nex The only downside is that you have to degrease it with some alcohol pads.

I assume you've tried methylated spirits on a cotton bud already. Pure Eucalyptus oil usually gets the job done on metal surfaces but you do have to worry about the screen material, if its plastic, you need to be VERY sure you don't melt it.

Start using the EVF? And tell us the brand of "screen protector", so we can avoid it. Scotch tape will peel off the bulk of the glue residue, then some diluted toothpaste to smooth it off. I will give that a shot. I am not sure where to find a Eucalyptus oil, but I think it would have similar effects as an olive oil, and I do not have eucalyptus available to me.

I think if olive oil doesn't do the job I will find and try Eucalyptus. I have not the slightest idea what brand the screen protector is, but it was a screen protector for an LG Voyager cell phone probably can't find those anymore anyway. So I found a solution Truth is a pathless land. The dead past darkens the ever living present. Jiddu Krishnamurti. Please excuse my poor english and orthographic rabbits, I do my best. Corrections and critics are very welcome. What ended up working was Goof Off and a lot of elbow grease.

This didn't remove the adhesive but it softened it up enough so I could scratch it away a little bit at a time with my fingernail. It looks like nothing ever happened. Luckily, it all worked out. Like I said, like nothing ever happened. Just thought I would share. I tried olive oil, WD40, Windolene, screen cleaner, whiteboard cleaner, white spirit and all to no avail. Then my Dad suggested rubbing a blob of neat washing up liquid onto the screen until it starts to emulsify with the glue.

It takes a bit of elbow grease but eventually the glue starts to lift. I wiped it clean with a damp cloth and then to remove the last remaining spots of glue I gently scraped a wooden skewer across the screen - don't use the tip of the skewer, lay the skewer flat across the screen and apply gentle pressure whilst dragging it across the screen.

how to remove loca glue from earpiece

Screen is now as good as new. I didn't apply the original screen protector as I bought the camera secondhand and it already had the protector in place. If I do decide to apply a new protector I will choose very carefully and buy a more expensive one.Have a new cell phone being delivered, getting a screen protector that bonds to the current screen with UV reactive glue.

Two easy questions: 1. Apparently it takes forever. I have a nice, big consumer UV flashlight, for doing cool stuff. Would they be close enough to the same wavelength that I could use that to cure the glue instead?

What if, down the road, the screen protector cracks or scratches, and I would like to replace it. How do you remove the screen protector and LOCA to put on another one? After all, if it isn't a sacrificial protector, then what is the point? Never tried a screen protector that bonds with UV reactive glue, does the instruction sheet or PDF, or website say anything about removing it? Maybe you're meant to have a screen protector for your screen protector.

At least for my Whitestone Dome, if I want to remove it, I just peel it off and it'll come right off the glass with some rubbing. Well, it comes in today, but from the reviews I shouldn't expect much from the instruction sheet. The reviewers themselves have given a bunch of really good tips that should make this a lot easier. The phone doesn't come in until Friday. ChronoReverse wrote: At least for my Whitestone Dome, if I want to remove it, I just peel it off and it'll come right off the glass with some rubbing.

Thanks, that actually helps a lot, since the one I'm using has been compared to the Whitestone Dome a bunch. As for the UV light question I can't believe no one at Ars has tried this yet, they probably just don't hang out in the mobile forum I figure I can drip a drop of the glue on a piece of cardboard and try my light on it.

If it cures, then it should work. If it stays wet, then there is probably a narrow requirement for the wavelength that can cure it, and I'll have to use the tiny one that comes with it. Of the dozens of screen protectors I've used, most have been a dry application, a few have been wet spray solutionnone has used or recommended a UV light to cure-- so clearly I'm missing a category of screen protectors in my experience?

Yes, Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive screen protectors is a small class of protectors at the moment.

DIY Full LOCA TGSP thread

However, they're the only way to have Tempered Glass Screen Protectors on phones with a curved surface practically every single phone on sale nowadays while avoiding "halos" or the "dot-matrix effect". Basically the gap between the TGSP and the phone is filled by the LOCA instead of the usual screen protector adhesive and since it cures completely clear, it avoids the issue of halos while keeping the TGSP as close to the phone as possible.

The most well-known one is the Whitestone Dome that's available for more popular phones. As for the curing UV lamp, it's somewhat narrow so definitely test.I haven't seen this posted already so I figured I would share I'm not gonna lie, while putting the new glass on I could not get all the air out, I did not get pics of the finished screen, but it only has a couple small bubbles.

Hey guys, My first digitizer replacement ended up in a few big flower shaped flecks on the screen. That is not what I expected. I am very curious to know how these flecks appeared, or how I could avoid this will happen again. Also it looked to me like the original brightness could not be achieved.

how to remove loca glue from earpiece

Link removed because someone failed to think;New posters have to quote the question in their posts, and may quote a link I haven't seen this posted already so I figured I would share. I told him I would fix the glass for him my first time touching a S4 let alone replacing the front glass. Well I meant to take more pictures, but in the moment I just wanted to get the phone done. I followed a guide on iFixit and watched a couple videos on Youtube, alot of people are right when they say that the Youtube videos make it look simple.

Anyways this was my first time working with LOCA glue removing and replacing. Here are some helpful tips: 1 Make a jig that will hold your heat gun above your workspace, you will need to adjust the height depending on how well your heat gun works. Ear piece to button. I found that the digitizer was not as fragile as I was made to believe. Just put some on a Q-tip and swab the area you want to clean. Here is a pic of what the digitizer looked like after cleaning with Eucalyptus oil.

EDIT: Sorry pic wouldn't link, had to make it an attachment. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

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